Download Anamorphic Music recording artist A.O.N.’s free single “Goodbye,” featuring Swift and produced by Anno Domini.

A.O.N. shared the following story in the press release for the song. “I remember going to visit him on a Friday. He was really down and almost scared. The people he lived with were influencing him heavily when it came to drugs and alcohol. He had asked me to help him get out, to move his stuff so he could start over.

At the time I was dating a girl who was in college in a neighboring town a couple hours away and I was going to visit her for the weekend. I told him that I would be back on Sunday and we could move his stuff out then.

On my way back on Sunday I received a call from a mutual friend of mine and he let me know that he had committed suicide. The coroner said he was high on “special k” and had taken his own life. The most devastating thing looking back is not that I could have somehow changed it, but that we both were not believers. That fact still devastates me to this day.”