Singer-songwriter Uriah, who has had a series of sporadic releases over the past 5 years, dropped the first single, “Abednego”, from his upcoming album. The song, produced by Penacho, will be on his Morals of a Mortal project releasing October 21.

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I feel the pressure cuz she slides into a dangerous mind when she sends a DM / the digits could compose a reply and she’d never see them / say she a match / strike in a room full of gas / bodies are burnin / we turn our lust to a furnace, nah / I am but one the iris tells you you see two in the light / the form of the second the son of God on the right / position of honor / yes it’s higher than heaven, deeper than seas, deeper than 5 ocean’s 11 / deep as I speak / dan over frank / but I have played both roles / thief and a lie but when I drop it be so cold / I speak with the ease, and it’s like you breath with a piece / so I steal the words out ya mouth give you a reason to cease / I live the stories and tellum / I put my pen to the sheet / I trail the ink I’m a felon for words disturbing the peace / And he back with that rap like Meshach and Shadrach, Abednego I walk with flocks to a flame you see that

Said she was earth girl but I had someone out of this world. / The rest were sharks running jaws I’m swimmin out of this whirl- /pool of infatuation at my ankles now at neck level / Wasn’t next level kill koopa princess / The apple tree in summer’s eve / No damsel in distress / She down sellin this dress / Like she’d look good in my sheets / Girl you bad not good bad / The bad that teases her treats / Addicted to the filth all you could do rinse and repeat

Throw me in the furnace you no can’t burn me / His blood is in my veins no you can’t hurt me / I walk through the fire

Throw me in the furnace / His blood is in my veins.