Writer and director N.D. Wilson spoke to Rapzilla at Flavor Fest about working with rapper Propaganda and dealing with non-Christian interviews.

“The Hound of Heaven” is an 182 line poem about running from God and trying to escape from him. Wilson chose Propaganda to work on the project with him because of the way he passionately conveys dialogue and verse.

“I needed a voice like Prop’s to communicate in such a way that they felt like they were supposed to understand it,” he said. “You can hear people delivering lines that are tough and you think, ‘Ah whatever, that’s archaic I don’t care. Then you can hear people delivering lines and say, ‘I’m supposed to understand this. I need to engage, I need to wake up, I need to try and figure this out’.”

He continued, “I think Prop did a fantastic job doing this for me. It’s a crazy 18-minute long music video for a poem.”

Wilson then spoke about staying on your heels when being interviewed by non-Christian media.

“I’m not gonna flinch off my father who made the whole universe,” he said. “You’re always getting tested…this creature was put here to test you.”

He said no matter what anyone throws at you, stay strong and confident in your faith because if you start to backpedal, then that’s when trouble sets in.

“Always lean in. Get aggressive…stand with your people, stand with your God, and move forward.”

Watch the whole interview below: