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Video: Kartez Marcel – Angst

Video: Kartez Marcel – Angst

Kansas City-based artist Kartez Marcel released a new single and music video called “Angst”.

“The thought process behind the visual for ANGST is to create awareness around situations that have happened in our history, and unfortunately seem to be repeating themselves today. While the visuals may be graphic, they’re sadly the harsh reality of what people who look like me have endured over time. My family has experienced similar challenges, so the issues you see here are near and dear to my heart—from my grandfather being killed by the police at a young age, to my own brother being killed as a result of black on black crime. The song ANGST was born from the idea of getting my worries off my chest, and how even through the various adversities of life I still feel blessed.

I think we can all agree it’s time for a change…would love to hear some things you all are involved in that are aimed at making positive changes in your community.”

Peace & Blessings
Kartez Marcel

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