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Free Album: Humbled Kings Forever – Humbled Kings

Free Album: Humbled Kings Forever – Humbled Kings

Download the debut project from new duo Humbled Kings Forever entitled Humbled Kings. The group is made up of seasoned Christian hip-hop artist Humble Tip and newcomer CJ King.

“This group started out of me mentoring C.J and bringing him on the road with me,” Humble Tip said. “Then we opened a studio together and started to really do a lot of music together, and from there, it kind of just made sense. He brings that Atlanta-sound of today, and I bring the more east coast lyricism and focused-content, and we just work.”

“The name is important because we are all kings, and the acceptance of Christ is the denouncement of self,” Humble Tip continued. “This decision is the most humbling decision a king can ever make. Hence; we are Humbled Kings Forever.”


1. Yeah
2. The Most
3. Swrvn & Curvn
4. Do Dat
5. Go All Night
6. Let Me
7. That Boy F.R.E.S.H
8. Win More ft. Tonya Rivers
9. Put Me Out
10. Squad
11. Give It To Ya
12. Drifting ft. Justin Pelham
13. Purpose
14. Palpitations


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