St. Louis-based artist Thi’sl released an Against All Odds life application e-book on Thursday, following up his autobiography and album by the same name.

He not only wrote the e-book for people with a similar background as him, but also as a resource for inner-city ministers.

“What good can come from the hood? Some would say nothing,” Brian Dye, director of Legacy Conference and elder at Legacy Christian Fellowship in Chicago, said. “Against All Odds is the real life story of what God can do when Christians believe differently. While trapped in a life of hustling, God transformed Thi’sl through the love of Christians that wouldn’t give up hope. They knew that God didn’t abandon the hood, and neither would they. It is in this same spirit, Thi’sl created this resource for those seeking to escape the trap but not knowing the way out.

“Thi’sl always gives the raw and uncut in his music, and this book is no different. Pick it up, read it and be encouraged. Maybe you aren’t the one caught in the trap of the hood life, but you know those who are. Then this is a much-needed resource to pass on to others. Let them hear from someone who walked in their shoes and came out the other side.”

In Against All Odds: Life Application, Thi’sl “lays out a spiritual and practical road map that will lead men from living the lies that culture says they were born to be, to living life the way God intended for them in creation,” reads the description of the e-book, which tackles the following topics.

  • Faith
  • Prayer
  • Forgiveness
  • Stewardship
  • Paying off child support
  • Surrendering to God’s will
  • Building and following a plan
  • Being created in God’s image
  • Sacrificing to reach your goals