Skrip is gearing up to release his all new album, Exposition, which will drop on Oct. 31.

“I’ve never written songs like this before,” Skrip said. “I’m not that kinda guy who just writes to relieve some emotional issues, but I thought I’d finally open up. I’ve got nothing to keep holding on to.

“I really just want to help people overcome! I want people to get a closer look at my life … the good, the bad and the ugly but I want them to leave with something more than telling me how good I am.”

All songs on Exposition were produced, written and recorded by Skrip.

“Skrip’s new album Exposition is a heavy nod to the golden era of hip hop, but with modern sounds and production techniques that keep it feeling fresh,” mixing engineer Andy Flebbe said.


  1. Sinners
  2. I’m Feeling New
  3. My City (Chi-City)
  4. Up All Night ft. Ruby Skyy
  5. Renegade Crew
  6. Interlude (Just a Boy)
  7. These Days
  8. God Level
  9. Waiting (Real Life)
  10. F@ke Friends
  11. Box Cutter
  12. If It Aint One Thing
  13. Take My Fears
  14. Make It Count
  15. Eye On Me
  16. Holiday
  17. OML ft. BreeKay