Humble Beast emcee Sho Baraka recently wrote an article for Christianity Today called “Why I Can’t Vote for Either Trump or Clinton.” While the name is self-explanatory, the rapper really breaks down the problems African Americans face in this election whether they give their vote to a Republican or a Democrat.

“As an African American, I’m marginalized by the lack of compassion on the Right. As a Christian, I’m ostracized by the secularism of the Left. As a man, I’m greatly concerned by subversive attempts to deconstruct all “classical” definitions of manhood,” he wrote.

Sho Baraka said he has “zero interest” in either of this elections candidates. He also said that neither of these choices are “great to me.”

“Many Clinton supporters seek a secular utopia that progresses past logic. Many Trump supporters want to resurrect bigoted ideologies.”

He said ideologically black Christians would be able to sit at the table with Conservatives because of mutual agreements concerning morality. However, the problem comes with what he calls “verbal gymnastics” when it comes to backing a candidate with “questionable character.”

He also cites the lack of response for the deaths of “young black men” that have dominated the news headlines the last few years.

Sho Baraka then listed a third way that he thinks Black Christians could vote. “I believe there is a third way. Urban Christians are determined to reassert ourselves into the political arena. We refuse to settle for civic engagement that forces us to either neglect our compassion or surrender our convictions. From mass incarceration to the right to life for the unborn, it’s time to engage in advocacy that better reflects the love and truth of the gospel.”

He continued, “I believe that soon there will be a movement of folks who protest both police brutality and abortions without feeling disloyal to one party or the other. These Christians comprehend an unabridged concept of life, that it is to be protected from the cradle to the grave.”

The rapper was also sure to point out that not all Republicans are “legalists” and not all Democrats are “immoral despots.”

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