The Ambassador told Rapzilla on Saturday when his new album, When Sacred Meets Secular — his first project since 2013 — will drop.

Sept. 16 is the release date, and Rapzilla interviewed the founding Cross Movement member about the LP at Legacy Conference 2016.

“The project that I’m going to put out is really a campaign I want to launch to say, ‘When those that belong to Christ encounter those that do not, when those who are submitted and surrendered to the King meet those who are not under that Lordship, not operating under that Lordship, what happens?” The Ambassador said. “What would we say? What kind of dialogues would we have? What kind of stands would we take?”

The Ambassador’s last full-length album, Stop the Funeral, came all the way back in 2011, so he’s sure to have much to say on When Sacred Meets Secular.

“These are burdens that have been sustained burdens for a long time that I’ve been quiet about,” he said.