Propaganda was on the most recent episode of THIS IS ME TV which highlights the artist in a mini documentary. Prop’s short, is called “I Am Becoming Complicated.”

The name of the episode comes from a verse the rapper and poet opens the episode with.

Propaganda explained that he was just a “battle rapper” and “street poet” looking to make art. He always thought his path we be as a visual artist or teacher.

He said a girl he had a crush on lead him to his current path when she invited him to a spoken word event she was performing at. He also wrote one for the event.

“When I got there, I feel in love with the genre,” he said. “These dudes can write.”

The emcee said that despite his art, he found his true identity in Christ. “Now that I have that, I can create art from that identity rather than for that identity.”

Before he went all in with music, he spent a few years at an art school as a teacher. As his passion starting growing, he then became a substitute. Then he got a record deal, and that changed his whole path.

Watch the full interview below: