A pair of veteran hip-hop artists released new full-length projects this week.

There are emcees who take their pen games as seriously as these two guys, but none more so.

Check out all of the details below.

‘Americana’ by Ruslan


  1. Intro (prod. by DJ Rek)
  2. Americana (prod. by Curtiss King)
  3. Petty (prod. by Sojourn)
  4. Raw Sugar (feat. Joey Jewish) [prod. by Anthony Cruz & Erik Kingsley]
  5. They Don’t Know (prod. by Erik Kingsley)
  6. How I Feel (prod. by Anthony Cruz & Erik Kingsley)
  7. Love For You (feat. ABIV) [prod. Erik Kingsley]
  8. Cause It Failed (prod. by Erik Kingsley)
  9. I’m That Guy (prod. by Anthony Cruz & Erik Kingsley)
  10. Left Coast 2 (feat. John Givez) [prod. by The Kount]
  11. Looking So High (prod. by Christian Sager)
  12. Day Off (feat. Sarah Juers) [prod. by Erik Kingsley]
  13. Wildest Dreams (prod. by JuiceBangers & Erik Kingsley)
  14. Have It All (prod. by Anthony Cruz & Erik Kingsley)
  15. Beleaf’s Outro (prod. by Anthony Cruz & Erik Kingsley)

Purchase Americana on iTunes.

‘Snooze Button 4’ by Armond WakeUp


  1. King Booker
  2. Morning Run (produced by Armond WakeUp & Doc)
  3. Legends of the Hidden Temple (feat. KamBINO)
  4. Bodie’s Corner (feat. Taelor Gray)
  5. Jurassic World (feat. Jered Sanders & J.Kwest)
  6. Chris Brown In The Lambo
  7. 7 Miles from 7 Mile (feat. Jonathan Baker)
  8. In Love With The Game (feat. Priest & Bink)
  9. The Other Side (feat. Jonathan Baker)
  10. Ode to Percy Miller (Bandcamp bonus)
  11. Conversations With My Cousin, Too (Bandcamp bonus)
  12. Electric Relaxation (Live on Hot 97) [Bandcamp bonus]

Purchase Snooze Button 4 on Bandcamp.