nobigdyl., Jarry Manna and Mogli the Iceburg of indie tribe. released a new single on Friday titled “Next”.

“The track is produced by Mogli the Iceburg and focuses on the racial/political tensions in America right now, including but not limited to police brutality,” a press release read.

“The premise of the track is that indie tribe. (not just us, but our fans and our entire generation of 90’s babies) is up next to steer the ship in America, and if there is going to be change, we have to accept that responsibility and bring it to fruition.”

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Verse 1 (Mogli the Iceburg):

Another tragedy and we just seem so numb /
Need the peace humanity is dumb /
In the streets we see police, don’t freeze but run /
And the next thing that you know somebody reach for the gun? /
Then the murder gets reciprocated /
Man I swear that our culture discombobulated /
All these people pickin sides, I’m just tryin to circumnavigate it /
Got me thinkin, man the situation gettin complicated /
Let me tell you all the 90’s babies got the juice now /
Maybe we’re the generation that can understand /
That the content of the character’s the measure of a man /
If you got breath up in your lungs, then the future’s in your hands /
We dont stand for no put downs /
Let em know we still fam if you pale or brown /
We would like to welcome you into the tribe now /
Cause we ain’t with no movement that gon’ die down or lie down /


This ain’t a flex but the tribe is up next/
We live in freedom cause /
We put our faith in the One that has cancelled our debts /
People might say we too young /
But that’s cause they see us as threats /
We hold the power and change gonna come /
As soon as we lock arms to connect /
What you waitin for?

Verse 2 (Jarry Manna):

I tried to chill, holy weapon’s here for the pride and guilt /
Slaps on the wrists, 12 tryin to kill /
Too many lives lost, I’ve cried for real /
I’m from a state where they never let it go /
Black Wall Street, that’s on everybody’s dome /
It’s not about the race, gotta focus on the hate /
It’s on everybody’s face but we never let it show /
So won’t you please take me back to the motherland /
As of lately I’ve been dreamin bout another land /
There’s a village in the leafs /
You won’t ever want to leave, if you do /
You gon’ still be my brother man /
So let me be the salt in your soul food /
Oh he made Vegeta? I like Goku /
And that is not a shot that’s the whole truth /
Givin you the real like whole foods /
Man I told you


Verse 3 (nobigdyl.):
What’s young a villain to do /
They tell me that my mellanin it make me a fool /
I need to keep arm ligaments and 10 and at 2 /
And maybe then my pigment will not convince him to shoot /
(wait a minute hold up)
What’s a young villain to do /
They tell me that I hate em cuz my uniform blue /
They won’t listen to my statements say I’m racist and rude /
Nobody loves death I’m afraid of it too /
I’m available too /
We could talk about it /
But the news gotta keep us at odds about it /
You know how every story on Fox go down /
Cuz they just wanna sell tix (Celtics) like Boston now /
Look he pulled me out the lost and found /
Then replaced a red dot with an awesome crown /
You know if our God’s about it /
We could take any sin and put chalk around it