Guess who’s back? Nope, it’s not Slim Shady, but it just so happens to be one of Christian hip-hop’s most colorful characters, John Reuben.

Seemingly out of nowhere and with a cryptic Facebook post that simply reads, “New song up at”

The track is called “Old Religion,” and is politically themed. He posted the lyrics on his site.

Listen to the track below:

We interviewed John Reuben a few months back and he admitted he had enough material for a new album. However, that material had no plans or recordings anywhere.

He also admitted that he was “sort of on the fringes” of what’s going on in Christian hip-hop. So perhaps he is now up to speed and ready to make a return.

Reuben has a new website, and some new photos to go along with his first single since 2009.

Read our interview with John Reuben here.

What do you think? Is his return for real, or is this just a one off single?