Illect Recordings signs Armond WakeUp


Illect Recordings announced the addition of Armond WakeUp to its collection of many of Christian hip hop’s top lyricists on Thursday.

Armond — who released his latest album, Snooze Button 4, on Wednesday — joins a roster that includes Jurny Big, Sojourn, Ozay Moore, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Sareem Poems, JustMe and the Scribbling Idiots, among others.

“I’ve always been impressed with [Armond’s] artistic skill, his writing and the way he approaches his music,” Illect CEO Josh Niemyjski said.

“He’s always been different in that regard, where he raps about stuff that people are going to connect with… That tends to stick with people a lot longer than just, ‘Throw your hands up, turn up, throw bows,’ junk like that, so I think it makes sense for us in that regard because we’ve tended to focus a lot more on the artistic merits of what we do, rather than a glossy, overproduced packaging, where once you get below surface-level, there’s not much there.”


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