Houston-based artist GS has announced details about his next project, a 14-track LP titled Committed.

The album, the cover of which is above, will release on Sept. 15 and be available for pre-order Monday.


  1. I’m Committed (feat. Dr. Darrin Moore)
  2. One King (feat. Norman Michael)
  3. I Might (feat. Ty Brasel)
  4. Every Knee
  5. All About My Paper
  6. Greed (feat. Lavoisier)
  7. It Happened (feat. Tony Tillman)
  8. Salute A Christian (feat. Datin & H.U.R.T)
  9. Bible In Tha Hood
  10. I Pray (feat. Germaine Martel & Mission)
  11. Jesus In My City (feat. Norman Michael & Speez)
  12. Let Her Go (feat. Norman Michael)
  13. More and More (feat. Norman Michael)
  14. Been Waiting On You (feat. J Carter)