Derek Minor was recently featured on the YouTube channel, Unique Access Ent., where he spoke about southern rappers being one dimensional on their Myths Exposed segment.

Minor said southern rappers being one dimensional is a “myth” he wanted to expose. Minor is himself from the south and cited UGK and Outcast as examples of quality music.

“For people who grew up in the south, we had to listen to music by Jay Z, Nas…Snoop and Pac. Our music was all influenced by hip-hop across the board,” he said. “And as far as delivery is concerned, no two are the same.”

He said a perfect example of someone who is influenced by the south is Drake, who often talks about Houston and uses flow patterns from different artists.

“You find an artist that is not influenced by southern music, I’d love to meet him.”

Watch below:

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  1. Look At Me Now
  2. Hold Me
  3. You Know It
  4. Until I’m Gone (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)
  5. Things Fall Apart
  6. Believe It
  7. I’m Good (feat. Janice Gaines)
  8. Judo
  9. Love Go High (feat. Chrisette Michele)
  10. Change the World (feat. Hollyn)
  11. Live
  12. Good Enough (feat. Camille Faulkner)
  13. Real Ones
  14. Greatness 2.0
  15. Greatness
  16. Hand on the Bible
  17. Touchdown (feat. Canon)
  18. Drowning (feat. V. Rose)