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Decipha: The release date, tracklist and cover of ‘Thirty’

Decipha: The release date, tracklist and cover of ‘Thirty’

Chicago-based artist Decipha announced details on Thursday about his upcoming album, Thirty, which will drop on CTZN Music.

Thirty, which features “Welcome to the 4th Grade” star Dwayne Reed, is scheduled to release on Oct. 30.

“Since turning 30 years old this year, I am realizing more and more just how faithful God really is,” Decipha said. “Even while I was faithless, even when I wasn’t recognizing His faithfulness.

Thirty is simply my thankfulness to our Lord for allowing me to see the years that so many in my position, my color or even my community do not have the privilege of seeing. Providence can be overlooked by so many, especially in times of success and favor. And for the most part it’s hard to appreciate the little things, God has been working out in our lives for our good. For me, it’s quite frankly has been, ‘Welcome to thirty, so what now!?’

“The danger is that we who claim to love God, after experiencing some of life’s woes, end up at the end of the day becoming like ‘Maribah & Massah’ — men who wander, murmering and claiming, lessening God’s truths in areas of our lives, cheapening his grace with our sin, and thereby denying the very power of God, to where we might shrink back, falling away from the very living God.

“My prayer is that you are encouraged to continue in this walk for however many more years (if that long) God might grant you, not presuming upon his name, but standing for sure on the promises of Christ. Remember, rather we know it or not, we are preaching, with our lives, what we believe about Jesus in our hearts.”

Pre-order Thirty on iTunes.


  1. Plastic
  2. Spectacular (feat. Dwayne Reed)
  3. Meribah & Massah
  4. Coming Day
  5. Token
  6. Year’s End


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