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Canon’s supporters inspire his next single ‘Family’

Canon’s supporters inspire his next single ‘Family’

Canon delayed the release date of his next EP, Loose Canon, Vol. 3, so he could lengthen the project for his supporters. The Reflection Music Group emcee will also express gratitude to his fans — or as he calls them, fam — on Friday, Sept. 9 in a new song titled “Family” which will premiere on Rapzilla.com.

“When you allow people to look into your life to see who you are as a person through your music, I think they begin to know you well enough to call you family,” Canon told Rapzilla. “There is a connection there.

“There is a, ‘Man, you supported me. I wouldn’t be here without you.’ There is a real factor of, ‘Man, when I was hurting, when I was out for a year because of my accident, you guys were praying for me. You guys were raising money for me and my family. You guys were there walking me through that time that was hard.’ People like that, you give back to them however you can, whenever you can. You take care of the people that take care of you.”

Canon said that encouragement from fans since his life-threatening injury has meant a ton to him.

“I would go to shows, and some people after the show, they would give me encouragement in light of what I had been through for the past year,” Canon said. “They would just pull me to the side, talk to me for a little bit. They wouldn’t even want anything. They just want to encourage and pray over me. They didn’t want an autograph. They just wanted to give some encouragement and pray that God is still at work in my life and thanking the Lord that I’m still here. Things like that have sparked a lot of inspiration, motivation and a lot of encouragement in me.”

Long-time supporters also helped inspire his new song, Canon added.

“I would go to a show, and fans would come up to me, ‘Man, I’ve been rocking with you since The Great Investment. Man, I’ve been rocking with you were still rapping in Chicago at The House.’ Stuff like that has me like, ‘Man, people are really here. They really listen. They really care.’ When they tell me stories about how my music may have changed something in their lives … for me, that’s a big deal. It lets me know that I’m doing something right. But two, it allows me to understand people really care. They’re there to hear.”


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