It appears Andy Mineo and the Social Club Misfits have something up their sleeves, and to be honest, no one knows what it is.

The only info available are a few cryptic social media posts from the two parties involved, and that this announcement will be made next week.

From Andy Mineo’s Twitter:

From Social Club Misfit’s Twitter:

“OOF. We up to somethin. Announcement coming next week,” wrote Mineo on Facebook, and then gave love to the creator of the graphic, @enigmatic_e.

Judging by the “HUGE” nature of this announcement, it could be more than just a song, and likely a national tour.

What do you think the trio of artists are up to?

In the past, Marty and F.E.R.N. have teamed up with Mineo for the song’s “Paisano’s Wylin’” and “Coogi Sweater.” Mineo was also on F.E.R.N.’s track “No Love (Remix).”