HOG MOB affiliate ILLUMINATE is set to release his new album AUTHENTICITY.

The 16-track project will drop on Aug. 5 and boasts a stacked guest list of featured artists and producers.

Pre-order Authenticity on iTunes.


  1. Intro (prod. by Big Juice)
  2. Authenticity (prod. by K. Agee)
  3. Eracism (feat. Sevin & Faith Pettis) [prod. by The Mekanix]
  4. Rise Up (feat. Datin) [prod. by Sound Nami & Jeremiah Beats]
  5. The Main Attraction (feat. PyRexx) [prod. by Halo Hitz]
  6. No Worries (feat. Datin) [prod. by The Mekanix]
  7. Erryday (feat. BxCause) [prod. by Halo Hatz]
  8. Dope Boy’s Lullaby (prod. by Big Juice)
  9. Make HIM Known (prod. by Big Juice)
  10. One Life (feat. Skrip & Angie Rose) [prod. by Skrip]
  11. Prestige (prod. by Arize)
  12. Smashing Idols (prod. by Big Juice)
  13. Coming Home (feat. Bryann Trejo) [prod. by DJ Yonas]
  14. Simply Amazing (prod. by RNS Productions)
  15. Swerve (prod. by Cardec Drums)
  16. Eracism (Radio Version) (feat. Sevin & Faith Pettis) [prod. by The Mekanix]