Grand Rapids, Michigan-based artist Beacon Light has announced details about his next project, which features Dre Murray, Steven Malcolm and production from Grammy Award-winner Dirty Rice.

The project is an eight-track EP titled Lit and releases on Sept. 16.

“I grew a lot on this project,” Beacon said. “I used to box myself in [musically] by what other people thought or said about me. I felt like I had to make music that looked like me because that’s what the industry wanted. This album was me just writing songs to any beat I was feeling. If I liked it, I wrote to it. Period.”

Pre-order Lit on iTunes.


  1. Lit (prod. by Dirty Rice)
  2. Haters (prod. by B.Coe Productions)
  3. The Drop (prod. by B.Coe Productions)
  4. O LORD (prod. by B.Coe Productions)
  5. Game Time (feat. Dre Murray) [prod. by B.Coe Productions]
  6. Be That Way (prod. by B.Coe Productions)
  7. Falling (prod. by B.Coe Productions)
  8. Quite Like Me (feat. Steven Malcolm) [prod. by Dirty Rice]