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Another Christian Hip Hop panel titled “Christian Women in Hip Hop:Is There a Place for Us” is eligible to be selected for SXSW 2017.

“In recent times, women have been the most misrepresented group in music,” the panel description reads. “This panel will focus in on a specific marginalized group of females to discuss the current state of hip-hop culture and the industry for women who are Christians.”

“Many women who work in Christian Hip Hop behind the scenes and as artists have felt excluded or not even thought of when it comes to working with or for other artists,” said Trisha Bell, panel creator. “I want us to address the issue openly and seek to find a resolution. I don’t want any other female in this genre, whether they are an artist or behind the scenes, to feel to feel like they have no guidance when it comes to maneuvering in this business.”

Panelists include ARTSO owner Trisha Bell, Cartiay McCoy of Gospel PR , KB Kristen Newton aka IMDJKB, and Young Lady creator Catalina Bellizzi. All genders are encouraged to attend the panel.

Questions which will be addressed by these music industry experts include:

  1. Do Christian women in hip hop have a legit place in the genre and if so, where can they flourish, if not, why is that?
  2. While it’s good to have a sense of accountability and challenge from your peers, why is it that women feel the need to compete against one another?
  3. What are some practical ways Christian women in hip hop, can be unified and invite their male counterparts to support and back them up?

To help this panel get picked, vote here. Voting ends September 2nd.


Written by Wande Isola

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