Thi’sl spoke at Legacy Conference 2016 this summer in a session called “Urban Apologetics” and afterward told Rapzilla about how he became an expert on defending Christianity.

“I’ve always been a person that if you tell me something, I’m going to see if it’s the truth,” Thi’sl said. “I remember early on in my Christian walk, I would literally spend — and I’m not exaggerating — I would literally spend 10-15 hours a day studying the Bible, reading books or on the Internet.

“There’s this website called It’s an apologetics website. I remember going to the store, buying this big notebook binder and a 500-pack of paper, and I went on CARM … I filled the notebook up. I printed out all the different topics that I wanted to learn about it.”

CARM has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from evidence supporting the Bible to issues with other world religions.

“When I became a Christian, I wanted to be able to explain my Christianity to anybody that I had to,” Thi’sl said, “so the only way that I can explain my Christianity to anybody that I had to is not by me knowing everything that everyone else knows, but by me knowing what I believe.”

In the interview, Thi’sl referenced when he debated a Muslim in London years ago, as seen in the video below.