Juan “Enock” James, a founding member of The Cross Movement who served as a role model for Street Hymns as a child, died from a heart attack in 2009.

Street grew up to be a hip-hop artist as well, and on his first full-length project, Slow & Steady, he recorded a tribute to Enock.

“[Enock] had a song called ‘Real’, basically talking about how he was unapologetically passionate about the Gospel, and, at the end of the day, he was himself, and he kept it real,” Street said. “That’s one big part of my testimony and my mission statement.

“I want to tell people that they can be who they are in Christ. You are an original individual. And God has created you specifically for a purpose and plan, and you must follow that purpose and plan, and no one else has that purpose and plan because it’s your purpose and plan for your life.”

Street remade “Real” and shared the heart behind the song with Rapzilla at Legacy Conference 2016.

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