Ruslan of the Dream Junkies has begun the rollout of his next album on Kings Dream Entertainment, Americana, which he called his “best and most timely work yet.”

To make the announcement, he used the video below, which samples three famous speeches by American politicians.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered the first quote of the video during his inaugural address in 1933, mid-Great Depression. The second and third quotes were by President John F. Kennedy during his inaugural address in 1961. The final and most sampled speech was by JFK’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy, at a 1968 campaign rally after he learned of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

Americana is available for pre-order at Pre-orders come with an instant download of a new maxi single titled Petty, the tracklist of which is below.


  1. Petty (prod. by Sojourn)
  2. Welcome (prod. by Bam Beatz and DJ Rek)
  3. Give It Away (feat. Dream Junkies and Ki’shon Furlow) [prod. by Anthony Cruz]
  4. Relapse (prod. by Erik Kingsley)
  5. Stranded (feat. Jayo) [prod. by Anthony Cruz]