After starting out her year with dates on Dru Bex’s “6Luv Tour,” 21-year-old soulful songstress Juliet Oh has inked a deal with Role Model Records.

Admiring the music of her 90’s predecessors, Juliet Oh developed a love for conscious and soulful sounding music. She listened and learned from the greats such as: Lauryn Hill, Otis Redding, Sade, Boys II Men and even Mos Def impacted her vocally as she got older.

“A good friend of mine had sent me Juliet’s music, and when I listened to it, I remember saying to myself, ‘I haven’t heard anything like this in a long time,’ and it was refreshing,” Role Model CEO Sola.O said. “After that, we invited her out on some dates for Dru’s tour, and I got to witness the focus and the passion she had for her music. The signing and relationship that followed was just natural.”

On her own, Juliet Oh had already been getting some notoriety within the Greater Toronto Area, performing her music in some of the major venues such as The Hard Rock Café and The Mod Club, which are some of the major stops tour artist frequent when in Toronto.

While she does wish to remain true to Soul and Rhythm and Blues, she continues to embark on a journey of creativity, evolving and continuously honing in on her craft as she grows. Juliet Oh hopes to create timeless pieces that will change the way people look at and listen to music.