A Rapzilla.com free exclusive, St. Louis-based artist Ricky Rock, who Thi’sl featured on his album Against All Odds, releases his debut project, Rock Bottom.

“This project is about the events over the past three years that caused me to hit rock bottom, including losing my grandma, two aunts, friends and mom,” Ricky Rock said. “I struggled with alcohol and drugs trying to cope.

“I eventually hit rock bottom, but God was my rock at the bottom that bounced me up! God knew I had a family and St. Louis community that needed me. Only God could have got me through that and still be able to continue the mission. When you hit rock bottom, you gotta bounce up!”



  1. Rock Bottom (prod. by D-Hood)
  2. I Ain’t Got IT (prod by. DeeontheTrack)
  3. Swervin’ (prod. by Hanz)
  4. Thelma and Louise (prod. by The Obscure Rebellion)
  5. Too Deep (prod. by Sir Issac da Inventor)
  6. Living in the Moment (feat. Kendall Davidson) [prod. by The Obscure Rebellion]
  7. Never Scurred (prod. by Hanz)
  8. 4 My Momma (feat. Frizzy by Nature) [prod. by DHood]
  9. Gods Children (feat. Low-key) [prod. by Kado]
  10. Summertime in da Lou (feat. Jay Toke) [prod. by The Obscure Rebellion]