Christian hip-hop and video games are coming together with the release of “ReElise,” a hip-hop RPG for your soul, on the PC.

“ReElise” is being called an “old school role playing game,” think 2D Final Fantasy or even Pokemon. There is leveling up, upgrades, a storyline that changes as you play, tons of secrets, and even rap battles.

The game is designed in a 2D graffiti hip-hop style and filled with rap music curated specifically for the game.

The storyline is loosely based on elements of the Bible with Christian themes running throughout. “ReElise” creates a world much like the one C.S. Lewis created in Narnia. There aren’t direct mentions of Jesus, God, or Bible characters, but the figures in the game are rooted in Biblical lore.

The following description of some of the game’s story will draw parallels to the Creation story and God throwing Lucifer out of the heaven:

“El is the creator of all things. In Ether, He created the powerful and beautiful Unseen. In sensory creation, He made Beast and Mankind, both from His abundance. Among the first created Unseen, there was one who wanted to overthrow El. He named himself, Ura-El. Their great cosmic coup (with a legion of Unseen) didn’t get off the ground before El simply cast all the defectors out to Earth. Some say this is where the real battle first started, with El’s dearly loved mankind caught in the middle.”

Watch a trailer for the game below:

Game creator Justin Fox has launched a Kickstarter for the game and is looking to raise $50,000. So far 46 backers have pledged almost $2,500.

There are a number of perks for those who pledge, including the digital soundtrack, a three-day early download of the game, physical release, and a producer credit for those who pledge big.

For more information on the game, click here.