Allentown, Pennsylvania-based artist Illijam announced details about his upcoming album, Ironic Bombs, on Monday.

Illijam will release Ironic Bombs on Sept. 9. He executive produced the project, Adrian Stresow engineered it and JBTZXCLSV led its art direction.

Illijam dropped his previous project, a five-track EP titled While You Wait, in February. Buy his lead single for Ironic Bombs, “All Work Out” featuring C.J King, on iTunes.


  1. Ground Zero (feat. WxNDER y)
  2. Wasteland
  3. Hold My Breath
  4. Spatial Disorientation
  5. Mistress
  6. Tiny Triggers (feat. Alive In Color)
  7. Letter From Granner (feat. Bifrost Arts)
  8. Tip My Hat (feat. Aklesso)
  9. Radiation
  10. Trench Brothers (feat. Milan Credle & Humble Tip)
  11. Memory (feat. Tom Szoch)
  12. Don’t Try
  13. Phoenixes (feat. Cristabelle Braden)
  14. As You Wish
  15. All Work Out (feat. C.J King)