Canon’s third installment of his Loose Canon series has a release date.

Loose Canon, Vol. 1 and Loose Canon, Vol. 2 released in Oct. 2012 and 2014, respectively. And on Sept. 2, Reflection Music Group will drop Loose Canon, Vol. III, the first single of which, “Eagles”, premiered today on

“When making this album, I asked myself, ‘If you had one last chance to tell somebody something what would it be?'” Canon said. “If you had one last opportunity to change the world in some type of way, how would it look? If you had one good way to show how it looks to be a good husband, what would you show? My priorities are being changed.”

In Dec. 2014, Canon suffered a near-fatal accident when he accidentally jumped into a 40-foot ravine after attempting to help a car accident victim. Canon chronicled the event and recovery in his song “Grateful” and its supporting Grateful documentary.