Did you fail to attend Legacy Conference 2016 and, as a result, miss history?

Have no fear. Rapzilla live streamed The Cross Movement’s reunion concert last Thursday — the legendary group’s first performance together since 2008 — video of which can be found below.

The same day, the annual Chicago-based conference honored Cross Movement with its Legacy Lifetime Award. The group heavily influenced Christian hip hop over its decade-plus long career.

“Before Heaven’s Mentality, for the most part, you had two choices in Christian hip-hop: an emcee who mostly talked about his or her former lifestyle in the streets, or a pastoral figure who decided that rap was the best way to reach the culture whether they were good at rapping or not,” Tim Trudeau, CEO of Syntax Creative, told Legacy. “When Cross Movement hit the scene, it was noticeable because they had successfully married those two types together — teaching the high theology of a healthy church through authentically grimy hip-hop. Heaven’s Mentality proved to me that you could be in tune with the culture and God’s word without compromising one or the other.”

Cross Movement also performed in the evening during the Wade-O Radio Presents: The Mix Show.

“They were the first people I saw really use hip-hop as a form of ministry,” DJ Wade-O told Legacy, “and they served as great role models for me. Young, African-American men who loved Jesus — I hadn’t seen much of either early in my faith walk.”

Watch Cross Movement’s second performance at Legacy below, and stay tuned for an interview with the group.