Humble Beast Records released a new music video for Propaganda’s Crimson Cord song “How Did We Get Here” featuring Andy Mineo and JGivens on Tuesday.

“It was only fitting that my buddy Darren Doane, who’s been down since my Tunnel Rat days, who also shot the video for ‘Excellent’, would come out to film this song,” Propaganda said. “This was a day in the life on tour during the ‘Uncomfortable Tour’ with Andy Mineo.

“This song and video is about more than just me, but how far WE have come as an entire movement. From rappin to 10 people at a youth group or 10 B-boys, and local hip hop open mics, to headlining national tours. This is a chance to look around and celebrate how far we’ve come … before we start dropping the next wave of new music and videos.”