At Legacy Conference 2016, Rapzilla interviewed Out of the Blue, a duo formed by Kay Sade and KnuOrigen, about its album Van Goh, which it released for free last week exclusively on

Out of the Blue united a year ago with the help of Ki’Shon Furlow and his wife, the latter who grew up across the street from Kay Sade. The childhood friends had moved apart and lost touch — until the Furlows discovered a song by Kay Sade (who had gone by KS) on Rapzilla.

Ki’Shon connected with Kay Sade through his wife. And one of his best friends at college, who married Ki’Shon’s wife’s twin sister, who also grew up across the street from Kay Sade, was KnuOrigen.

KnuOrigen heard Kay Sade’s music through Ki’Shon and was so impressed he reached out to her just to offer to engineer her music. After KnuOrigen and Kay Sade soon realized they had similar artistic visions, they formed Out of the Blue.

In Nov. 2015, Out of the Blue debuted with Blue Gene Origins, and they quickly followed the project with another strong showing, Van Goh.

Van Goh is basically about the Christian journey,” KnuOrigen said. “It travels through confusion, solidarity and then moves toward arrogance, and then being humbled, and then restored. But we just try to tell that in a series of ways from our own separate stories. Van Goh is supposed to represent Jesus throughout the album. … It’s a story that we wanted everybody to be able to pour themselves into — something they can listen to and extract something that would identify with their own journey as it relates to faith.”

“We have the two characters separate in the beginning, confused,” Kay Sade. “They know there’s something there that is higher than them, but they’re not sure. And then they encounter it. They meet each other. And they both realize they have that awareness of that force in common, start on the journey together, go through their ups and downs and then, at the end, get to the point where they want to share with other people.”

Out of the Blue brings a unique artistic approach to Christian hip hop. Watch the group’s interview at Legacy below, and download Van Goh for free on