Cruel irony lies in the fact that, just four years ago, DJ Anomally’s bed-ridden state robbed him of rest on so many sleepless nights.

At the time, the South Carolina native hoped to release his first hip-hop album. Although he didn’t rap or create any of the effort’s beat backgrounds, he did play an executive producer role in assembling the talent to craft catchy songs that reflected his faith in Jesus.

Anomally promoted the album as his Dream Team — a title that both demonstrated his pride in the project and recalled the U.S. men’s basketball squads that dominated Olympic competitions like the one taking place that summer.

Instead, the life-long rap fan was battling an undiagnosed, but crippling, illness. As he met with doctor after doctor searching for answers to his personal health crisis, he added undue stress on his then-pregnant wife.

Anomally faced a nightmare of nearly $165,000 of combined personal debt and the reality that he was unable to work at his day job due to his malady. He said he felt a call from God to put his Dream Team project on hold.

“It was a very rough time and one that made me realize my complete dependence on God,” Anomally said.

Thankfully, this “Job” period didn’t last.

Anomally said God led him to a physician who offered a holistic approach to treatment and he began to see and feel a change. As his physical health improved, so did his financial and emotional well-being.

“I was able to take on new clients and started to pay off my loans. At the same time, I was able to enjoy my new baby girl and relationship with my wife that was previously strained despite her selfless and loving service for my condition,” DJ Anomally said.

Now in the summer of 2016, Anomally can proclaim that he is debt-free and ready to roll out his revamped Dreamteam EP. Once again, the project finds him fulfilling the DJ Khaled-type role in connecting four producers with 13 different rappers for a collection of hope-filled tracks.

Contributing artists include Dee-1 (who also recently celebrated his financial freedom on the track “Sallie Mae Back”), Eshon Burgundy, Japhia Life, the Dream Junkies and more.

The Dreamteam EP’s sound offers listeners up-tempo trap, East Coast lyricism, New Orleans-influenced Southern hip hop, laid back West Coast vibes and worship.

It will be available via all digital music retail outlets beginning Aug. 23 and will hopefully be the first of several, similarly-organized EPs from the executive producer.

“That drop day also falls on my birthday, so if you want to help your boy celebrate, why don’t you pick up a copy?” Anomally half-jokingly quipped.

Pre-order Dream Team on iTunes.


  1. Power To His People (feat. Govenor Reiss, Dee-1 & Gifted) [prod. by Brvndon P]
  2. I’m Gone (feat. Japhia Life, Gemstones & Eshon Burgundy) [prod. by Dáramólá]
  3. Down for the Count (feat. Dream Junkies) [prod. by Alex Hitchens]
  4. What They Thought (feat. 1K Phew & Ki’shon Furlow) [prod. by Alex Hitchens]
  5. Hiding Place (feat. Benjah & Von Won) [prod. by Alex Hitchens]

Press release by Sketch the Journalist