John John Da Don’s BullPen Battle League released a new video on Wednesday of Tampa, Florida-based artist Loso’s latest battle.

“Two of BullPen’s new bulls face off after several months of back and forth online,” the league said. “Loso and Barry Bandz finally step in the ring to settle it on the main stage card in front of BullPen, national television, The Rap Game and Jermaine Dupri.”

As usual, Loso’s pen game matched his aggression. The majority of YouTube comments said he won all three rounds.

Ain’t you that dirty little skinny dude on Facebook who said that this battle was going to be a Christian against a God? /
If that’s the case, I’ma step to y’all like, how you supposed to be my savior when all you know is sin? /
If I ever say that my God is Barry’d, it’s because I’ma talk about how he rose again

Loso dropped his debut project, Valley of Vision, last month for free exclusively on Watch his new battle below.

Warning: Explicit language is used. Fast forward to 2:02 for the battle.