Listen to D Myles’ new self-produced EP Parousia before it is available to buy on July 15.

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EP Bio:
The word “Parousia” means arrival or to be present in Greek. There are two reasons the EP is given this title.
1. Reference is to the arrival of Christ (Second Coming) as often themed and mentioned in scripture, the word is used.
2. The arrival of D Myles as an artist; this is the first EP coming from the mixtape Free At Last, and I feel like this project displays a better picture of me as an artist.

1. Parousia (feat. Erica Lewis)
2. On My Mind (feat. Da’ T.R.U.T.H.)
3. Lady In Red
4. My Love on You (feat. Jalen Seawright)
5. Save My Soul (feat. Erica Lewis)
6. Leaning on Prayer

Entirely produced by D Myles