Atlanta-based artist Cellus Hamilton won Legacy Conference’s Rap Showcase last week, which earned him a performance on Saturday at Legacy Fest’s Stage.

Eight finalists competed for the prize in Chicago: Hamilton, Kay Sade, KnuOrigen, Wande, K-Lake, Phil J, Kalom and Damon Plant. Prior to the competition, they participated in Legacy’s A&R Bootcamp where Json, Natalie Lauren, Adam Thomason and Odd Thomas schooled them on a variety of topics from songwriting to branding.

At the Rap Showcase on Thursday, each artist performed a new song that they created after the A&R Bootcamp. They were judged by content, creativity and performance.

Watch Lecrae bring out Hamilton at Legacy Fest, and stay tuned for a exclusive music video of the song that Hamilton performed at the Rap Showcase.

“It’s not just a pleasure for me to introduce the person that’s about to get on this stage,” Lecrae said, “but just the whole circumstance by which he has come to be here. “It’s more than just him competing in a competition, but it’s him having to sit through older, wiser people pouring themselves into him, listening to people talk about what it means to be an artist, what it means to exercise your faith in arts.”