Memphis, Tennessee-based emcee Ty Brasel has revealed details about his first project since his Jan. 2015 mixtape Cloud 9 Raps, which fans voted the best free project of the year on Rapzilla.

On June 24, Brasel will release a new six-track EP titled 1994 Until. The project will feature fellow Level Change Music artist Young Noah and more. Check out the tracklist below.

Earlier this year, the Rapzilla 2016 Freshman released two singles which will not be on 1994 Until, “Ali” and “Novacane”.


  1. Live a Lie (Intro)
  2. New School (feat. Young Noah)
  3. Gold (feat. Rev Mizz)
  4. Real You (feat. Mo JCKSN)
  5. Backyard
  6. First Love