Christian artist Viktory spoke to Rapzilla about his song “Lunch Tables” and how it is brining people of different backgrounds together.

“‘Lunch Tables’ is the story of America right now,” said Viktory, referring the racial tension that has been highlighted on the news.

The concept of the video finds Viktory’s son being rejected by seventh graders because he is a mixed race child.

“America is behaving like seventh graders in a lunch room,” said the rapper. I believe if we sit down with each other and embrace the difference in culture….one of the realest ways to see that is in their food.”

Sitting down and breaking bread is a good way to find common ground and an opportunity to learn.

He said the testimonies from the song have blown him away.

“If you’ve been isolated by who you are, here’s a song for you,” he concluded.

Watch the interview below: