On our 24th episode of Rapzilla.com Live with Chris Chicago, we give you the latest news with our “What’s Poppin'” segment and an interview with BrvndonP about his new self-titled album and more.

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JustHis League – #NewDayRocks ft. Cutright, B. Meads
Tedashii – Nothing I Can’t Do ft. Trip Lee, Lecrae
What’s Poppin’ @ Rapzilla.com wit David Daniels
KB – Drowning
Mouthpi3ce – Uno
Flame and Mike REAL – #Escrow
Rockstar Jt – Anonymous

Rapzilla.com Live’s Artist Interview Segment
BrvndonP Interview Part 1
BrvndonP – Chain Gang
BrvndonP Interview Part 2
BrvndonP – No Fakery ft. E-40
BrvndonP Interview Part 3
BrvndonP – What You Get ft. Lecrae, JustKristofer

Andy Mineo – Know That’s Right Remix
KB – I Believe Remix
Lecrae – Give In Remix
Presha J – Throw It In the Air Remix
Tedashii – Be Me
Benjah – On My Momma ft. Reconcile
Tony Starks – We Don’t Sleep
Lecrae – Muddy Water Remix
TSO – Reminiscing

NF – Real
Rapzilla.com’s YOUR HOT 4
#4. Charles Goose – Everywhere
#3. WxNDER y – Love Me Down
#2. Yaves – Survival ft. Dre Murray
Rapzilla.com LIVE’s New Joint of the Week
King David – War & Heaven
#1. BrvndonP – What You Get ft. Lecrae & JustKristofer
Social Club Misfits – Courage ft. Tree Giants