Former Souljahz and Washington Projects emcee, Je’kob just released a strong anti-abortion message with his music video for the song “Life on Mars.”

The concept of the song touches on the paradox of science seeing bacteria on Mars as signs of life, but won’t acknowledge a baby in a womb as a living thing.

“The reason it was ruled by a court of law that an embryo isn’t ‘alive’ is because the embryo cannot continue existence outside of the mother, and so technically doesn’t meet the definition of life,” he wrote. “So generally, how late can you get an abortion? In the United States, the answer to that question currently hinges on the concept of ‘viability’. Most medical communities establish viability as 24 weeks of gestation, which is during the latter part of the second trimester – which we all know is far past the beginning stages of embryonic life.”

He continued, “Aside from religious beliefs & political, propaganda – Human Life is defined for us by using simple logic. We all were once growing inside of our mother’s womb. That is an incontestable fact. Yes we were once in an embryonic stage, but no matter the stage, we were & always will be human…”

Watch the music video below:

Although the music video is new, the album, This Side of the Sky came out in Fall of 2014.