King Dav$d awoke to find himself handcuffed to a hospital bed. He had just been shot in the back of the head. He had just fought off one of the attackers. He had just stumbled about bloodily in the streets to a payphone to call an ambulance. He had just survived. He is still alive.

(Continued from part 1).

“My journey began,” said David, who yet again cheated death. However, this time, God himself woke him up to his grand plan and calling.

David was to be a warrior in God’s army. The soldier he was on the streets as a Blood, will now take his marching orders from a heavenly hierarchy.

But just as always, things would not come easy for the new convert. David would begin his Jesus walk while serving time behind bars. For the emcee, it was just another tribulation exercise thrown his way to strengthen his bond with God.

“Everyday I came out that cell and I was scared,” said David. “I really thought they’d [rivals] put a knife in my back. God used to check me. God never initially revealed his love to me, more like a terror. I’m just now tasting his love. The challenge worked.”

Known on the streets as The Green Eyes, he was now caged in the same place as countless enemies and criminals who would love nothing more than to finish the job the others couldn’t.

It was amidst this storm that God once again spoke to David and told him to begin a prison prayer circle.

David posed a challenge to God and the Bloods. He said just like Elijah in the Bible, let’s build two altars as a sacrifice to God and let’s fight for it. “If you win, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and God is a lie period and I will be a Blood again. But if I win, you got to come to the prayer circle.”

He continued, “The first guy I got into it with, I broke his jaw. The cops didn’t know what to do. They said, ‘We never saw anyone fighting behind Jesus. I thought you weren’t supposed to fight behind Jesus’?”

It’s safe to say they came to the prayer circle. He even helped usher in the term “Thug Gospel” with it.

Watch him explain the testimony below:

“I had to fight. I didn’t go to the police and say I’m a former gang member and I want to get off this yard because I’m scared for my life – here is everything that I’ve done,” he said. “No, I told Jesus everything that I’ve done. And he told me to hold a prayer circle.”

With these prayers circles being open to anyone, that means all races, religions, and even gang affiliations were welcome. Despite his fears, David pressed on, and God moved among the inmates in his group. He was soon accepted by everyone around him because of his diligence to prayer.

“I’m the first to go into any group of Crips or Bloods because I was accepted through the prayer circles…I’m the first to have done this.”

The ex-gang member said being a Blood in California is hard because you are outnumbered, and you are easy to spot because of the gang tattoos. With the odds seemingly against him, he pushed on.

Eventually, David was told by the gangs that there is a “protection order” on his life and that they will keep him safe no matter what. He became so respected in the prison that they started breaking him off. Even now, since he’s been out, King David is still respected among gang culture.

“I don’t want that, but slowly and surely God started working on them,” he explained. “Even the state knows that God is moving in my life. It’s all on file and documented. You can’t fake this.”

The prayer circles continued to grow, but that doesn’t mean there were no speed bumps down the road.

David explained that the room they used for the circles was a multicultural service chapel. “You can image the demonic attacks in there.”

On one occasion, an inmate went into the chapel, snorted crystal meth and got told by the Devil to attack David’s friend Booster.

Booster was almost done serving his time and had become a follower of Christ. If he got into one altercation, his release date would go away. “The guy hits him and Booster doesn’t do anything.”

“A guy comes and says ‘King David, one of the Lord’s anointed got struck’ and I’m like ‘What?’ ‘Ok, Lord, where are you in all of this?’,” said the rapper.

David immediately called out to God and asked how he should handle this situation, to which He responded, “Go defend My name.”

“No problem, I’m good at this,” David replied to God.

David was also instructed that he could not strike this man in any place except the “holy ground” where “he struck my servant.”

David waited for two hours and the man did not show up. As he was leaving the chapel, he encountered the other prisoner. David asked him, “What God do you serve that you can touch the Lord’s anointed?”

The guy then pulled a knife on David, but turned around and ran. “Who runs with a knife in prison? The whole prison saw him do it, except the police.”

Members of the Bloods, Crips, and other gangs came to him and asked if they should intervene and David told them not to get involved. David asked Booster what he should do, and Booster said to leave it alone. However, David was still upset that a believer was hit on his watch.

He shares this story in churches and is often told he’s wrong. “God doesn’t want you to fight,” they say. To that, David responds with the many stories in the Bible where God told His people to fight for Him, to fight for their land, to fight for their people, and to fight to overcome wickedness. The best example of all these is the person who inspired his moniker, the Biblical King David.

“He’s the same God that said kill all the Philistines, women and children. He’s a war priest. Jesus is our high priest and we are to do his work,” he exclaimed.

“I’m not impressed by any of this out here, it’s so diluted, it’s ridiculous,” David said of standard A,B,C ministries, and church. “I’m willing to die, and if I have to put someone in the pit to advance God’s kingdom and stop the genocide, I will.”

“We’re supposed to be reflecting the lamb and the lion,” he said. It’s that lion portion of Christianity that draws gang members into his ministry. “Where can I be a warrior for God?”

“Reflect the lion and the lamb and look for mercy in doing it, and know when to do what,” he said. “It’s either too much lamb and not enough lion.”

The artist said this message has caused him to be blacklisted from churches. When he is in churches and starts asking people if they are ready to die for Christ, it makes people uncomfortable.

“Why? Because I ask, ‘Would you be prepared if they started shooting?’ And they say ‘Oh, why would you say that at that altar call’. And I’m like, ‘Why wouldn’t I say that at the altar call’?”

David continued, “Pastors say to love and not fight. Why did Jacob wrestle with God? That’s the most supernatural match you can have. Why did Jesus wrestle with death and Satan on the cross? Angels and demons are at war.”

“People aren’t real warriors. The sanctity of Christ is being drained.”

David then shared another vision God gave him. In it, the Lord showed him a vision of heaven. David was in a beautiful room with hundreds of goblets filled with oil. But he kept slipping on the floor trying to get up and knocking them all down. God said, “This is the grace you’re wasting.”

He then showed him another part of heaven. This time, it was a graveyard. He asked God, “What is this? I thought nothing could die in heaven?”

“These are all the hopes and dreams of my people who gave up on Me,” God said.

This vision has made David more determined than ever, to continue to pursue the gospel the way he does. He doesn’t want to waste “God’s grace.”

“People want to deal in absolutes, but there is no absolute,” he said. “We learn more about God’s plan every day.”

The absolutes in David’s life are being delivered from gang genocide, getting delivered from hating people, and that he will absolutely still struggle with sin in one way or another.

“As soon as you give an absolute, people who are listening don’t see your vulnerabilities and will think this is unattainable. That’s where we’re losing big time,” David shared.

He continued, “Keeping it authentic, shows we have an authentic God.”

David then tied this all together with his album, Then There was a War in Heaven.

Listen to “War & Heaven” below: The album comes from Revelations 12:7 where the angel Lucifer broke away from God and His angels, and there was a war in heaven.

He introduces the concept in the first and last tracks and is in the process of creating a comic, video game, and a movie that will put you in apocalyptic times.

David believes America is in trouble because we as a nation are not adhering to the in God we trust covenant. He said as the end times are getting closer, he wants to equip people to be warriors for God.

“We know who the enemy is, we have no problem with humanity, but unfortunately some of humanity have a problem with the God we serve…we can’t make piece with a serpent and think it’s not going to bite,” said David. “This nation is great, but we have tolerance and compromises that are tearing it down away from God.”

“I want to bring us back to our in God we trust covenant,” he proclaimed.

To purchase and listen to King Dav$d’s album, Then There Was War In Heaven click here

Also, stay tuned for the book Dav$d is writing about his life.

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