Yaves’s series of seasonal projects which began in 2011 with In Summers Ear, and continued with In Autumns Ear and In Winters Ear, will conclude this month with In Springs Ear.

The Columbus-based artist, who most recently dropped a mixtape titled Prince Among Thieves 3 in November, will release In Springs Ear on May 25.

Check out the features and production credits for the six-track project below.


  1. In Springs Ear (feat. Heather Anderson) [prod. by Yaves & Dwight Junior]
  2. Booming (prod. by Curtiss King)
  3. Survival (feat. Dre Murray) [prod. by Yaves & Z4L Productions]
  4. Fairytale (feat. Selah the Corner & Fred Council) [prod. by Yaves, Dwight Junior & Z4L Productions]
  5. Pastel Shades 2.0 (feat. Keisha Solei & DJ O-Sharp) [prod. by DJ O-Sharp]
  6. April Showers (feat. Dwight Junior & J. Rhoadan) [prod. by J. Rhodan]