Mega Ran, an independent artist who over the past decade rose to fame in nerdcore hip hop, offered advice to younger rappers in an interview with Rapzilla at SXSW 2016.

“There’s a million rappers right now,” Mega Ran said, “probably 50,000 Christian rappers, maybe more. What’s your thing? If all of them were in a line right now, and they all just stepped up and did their thing for 30 seconds, what would be your thing to catch someone’s eye?

“If you don’t have a thing, find it from inside of you. [Don’t] go and pick it from another artist. But find it inside of you, that thing that you love, that piece of you that you grew up with. And with me, it was video games, just taking the innocence of gaming and all that and just trying to apply that to what I was doing. But everybody has that thing inside that they’re so passionate about and that they love so much, and their spin on it and their view of it inside is different than what anybody else could bring.

“Definitely don’t try to sound like anybody that exists right now. Don’t do it. You gotta be you.”

Mega Ran added that it’s worth taking time away from music to find that thing.

Watch his two-part interview below. He also talked about which Christian rappers he wants to work with.