UFC fighter Nate Marquardt knocked out his last opponent after walking out to Trip Lee’s song “Lazarus” featuring Thi’sl — a song which fans voted for on Rapzilla.com.

On Saturday, May 14 at UFC 198, which starts at 8 p.m. ET on FS1, Marquardt will enter the octagon again to compete against Thiago Santos, and he is again allowing fans to select his walkout music.

Marquardt nominated the four songs below for fans to vote on until Monday, May 9, when a winner will be announced.

NF – Oh Lord

“The world is crazy and full of sin, and people accuse God!” Marquardt said. “NF asks God if He sees us down here. The Bible says Jesus will judge the enemies of God based on their deeds and will throw them into the lake of fire.”

RMG – Grain in the Sand

“This song is a good reminder that man’s life is like a vapor which appears for a while and then vanishes away,” Marquardt said. “The glory of man is like a flower that withers, but the word of God lasts forever.”

Tony Tillman – Lord Have Mercy ft. Derek Minor & B. Cooper

“The wickedness of man’s heart can only be changed by God,” Marquardt said. “Man cannot change himself. Only through repentance and faith in Jesus can we be made new.”

Teu Amor não Falha – Obie Obien (Your Love Never Fails in Portuguese)

“I’m fighting in Brazil, and this song is great!” Marquardt said.