NF’s Therapy Session remains in the top 10 of iTunes’ top-selling rap albums two weeks after its release, and on Friday, the Social Club Misfits shared the chart with their Capitol CMG label mate.

As of 9:30 a.m. ET, Marty and FERN’s new EP titled The Misfit Generation sat at No. 3 on iTunes’ hip-hop albums chart, while Therapy Session held onto No. 6.

Songs on The Misfit Generation EP were produced by Wit, Chris Batson and Raymond Castro.

“We are encouraging ‘misfits’ to be who God’s called them to be, not who the world says they should be,” the Social Club Misfits said in a press release. “We sing different, we dress different and we’re not embarrassed of the God we serve. We are the misfit generation.”

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  1. Wavemasters (feat. Aha Gazelle & Chris Durso)
  2. Marriage Goals
  3. Courage (feat. Tree Giants)
  4. Kumbaya
  5. The Misfit Generation (feat. Chris Batson)