Lupe Fiasco concluded his verse on Dee-1’s remix of his 3’s Up single, “Against Us”, by rapping, “My kind and they logic is like 99 of their problems with no b—-,” Dee-1 told STASHED.

“[Lupe] knows that I don’t curse and that I don’t have profanity in my music. … He said that and came out of the booth,” Dee-1 said.

However, listeners of this remix, which also featured Big K.R.I.T., know Lupe’s lyrics were as clean as Dee-1’s. That’s because Dee-1 asked him to re-record.

“I’ve struggled in the past with existing in this industry,” Dee-1 said. “I wanted to be different. I feel it in my heart to be different. I’m still of this, but I want to show that I can come from this and be different. It’s a struggle sometimes when you collaborate with people who might not adhere to what my vision is or they curse in their music, so they’re just like, ‘Whatever.’ So I’ve had trouble speaking up in the past about that because I don’t want to tarnish my relationships with people. I actually tried to speak up about certain collabs that I was on the verge of doing, and it’s always led to tension or friction with the artist and me.

“With Lupe, I’m like, ‘Oh boy, here we go [laughs]. Do I speak up and create this awkward moment in the studio or do I let it ride?’

“I decided to speak up, and we had a little conversation about it, and he was cool with removing it. That Instagram post [below] came from real live footage of us kicking it, of us seeing each other after a few months. We talked about the collaboration. He was telling someone else at the time, ‘He don’t know it, but I cursed on his record on purpose just to see what he would do.’ I think he was testing me to see how strong are my convictions, and what I believe in, even when it’s not convenient. Even when it’s not the convenient thing for me to speak up, and speak what’s on my heart, and about what my true mission is, will I do it? And I did it with one of the most difficult people to do it with. He’s a man I look up to in a lot of ways.”