A Rapzilla.com Exclusive, Nightmares of an Eight Year Old is an art piece by artist Jessy Marquez and his debut project as a believer. This project takes you through a dream like experience seeing the troubles and dark desires of this young man’s heart. He talks about his struggles with addiction to drugs, money, and lust. A reality so dark that an eight year old might describe it as a nightmare. He speaks about the hope he found in Jesus Christ. Hope that can only be found in a perfect God with unconditional love to offer. Jessy considers NOA8YO a shout of encouragement for the believer and a map with directions for the lost. Enjoy the experience.


1. Dream Or Nightmare (Intro)
2. Lift Me Up Lord
3. Love
4. Cha$INg Money
5. Up
6. My Strength (Interlude)
7. Thirsty
8. Addicted To You
9. Cristo Vive