Download Switzerland-based group Eliakim’s free single “Revelations.”


My thought is dark
In the dark night
It’s tough in my head, words are turning around until late at night
But I’m sick of it, I’m looking towards the sky, I scream
Like Junior Neymar, evil is tryna find the goal
Sometimes, I feel like being in the future
But I soon realise I was in the blur
Confusion in my head, truth is veiled
I doubted, lies hurt me
Nevertheless I saw him shine
His warth unbinded me
I’m inconstant like a lighter
Fact is I’m undisciplined
Why hide, be fake or disguise ?
One day everyone is gonna see
How I am,
How I was
All masks are gonna fall
Our shameful acts too
On revelations day
Will I have to worry ?
I know the truth’s already here
It’s not far away but close
all my doubts take me into their arms
They don’t want me to dance outta joy
I wanna grab my identity
Ban my feeling of inferiority
They want to emprison us all
In their crappy systems
Man wants to reign on man
It’s been like this since centuries
They want me to believe I am a pigeon, but I’m an eagle
So many lies circulating in this world
He’s the only one able to reign
The King of Kings is coming back