Rapzilla recently spoke to Corey Paul at SXSW where he spoke about his new music, his style, and ministry.

He said he’s working on new music and by “God’s grace He’s allowed me to write fluidly.” Paul also feels that he can drop two records this year.

“I’m authentically giving out what the Lord has given me on this project,” he shared.

Watch the the interview below:

Paul said growing up in South Texas, he was influenced by all the guys in the scene: UGK, Scarface, and DJ Screw. He then spoke about his Houston accent and how he thinks “it’s normal” and doesn’t recognize what he sounds like until speaking to other people. Paul said people complain that they can’t understand what he’s saying and his supporters jump in and defend him. Watch the interview below: Paul says being a part of the community as an artist, ministry is “vital.” “Having community, your with a pool of people that are seeking God’s will.” He believes the position of ministry has helped him rise and helped him be encouraged in his walk. Watch the interview below: